Product information

Application areas:
In combination with COELAN Coloured Quartz also suitable as a coating for covered walkways and external stairs. Can also be used as a coloured base coat for the subsequent incorporation of Coloured Flakes. 

Container size:
6.5 kg bucket

Product properties:

  • light-fast
  • crack bridging
  • open for vapour diffusion
  • UV and weather resistant
  • resistant to various concentrations of diluted acids and alkalis and to aromatic solvents, alcohols and esters
  • visco-plastic
  • 1-component
  • Based on: polyurethane resin 

Colour / Degree of gloss: 

  • soil orange / satin-gloss
  • glow red / satin-gloss
  • wine red / silk-gloss
  • ice grey/ silk-gloss
  • fog grey / silk-gloss
  • rock grey / silk-gloss
  • ivory beige / silk-gloss
  • Sahara beige / silk-gloss
  • coffee brown / silk-gloss
  • shell white / silk-gloss
  • ocean green / silk-gloss
  • deep-sea black / silk-gloss

Note: With the exception of ice grey and fog grey always supplied as a set with colour paste.


Was immer Sie vorhaben – COELAN bietet Ihnen auch das ergänzende Material für Ihre erfolgreiche Arbeit.


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All quantities and times are approximate and without guarantee. For color specifications, absolute RAL match can not be guaranteed.